Sunshine CT Blog Train: FREEBIE!

So remember at the end of yesterday's post I mentioned some freebies? Well hang on to your hat, because this train it parting the station. Aprilisa CT is having a blog train to say hello! I will make this short and sweet and let you get on your way. Here is my freebie to you:

Click image to download

Now off to Astrid's blog you go and if you get lost along the way or happened to start out here. Here is the list:

1. Lisa -
2. Nikki -
3. Maria -
4. La'Shawn - <--- You are Here :)
5. Astrid -
6. Vavie -
7. Martina -
8. Adi -
9. Jamie - www.jamie-cupcake.blogspot

Until Next time,

Happy Scrappin'

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