Ready for Autumn?!

I sure am. It is my favorite time of the year! I quite enjoy summer now that I have a child. To see him enjoy the great outdoors. To go to the pool. To hang outside. To have fun at the parks. However, nothing beats fall in my opinion. My mood even changes because of it. I am a nicer person. lol. 
I love the nicer weather, football, my birthday, the clothes, the beautiful scenery, just everything about it. 
Oh, and of course, Halloween. You cannot be a mother to my son and forget about that!! He is already ready for it! We already have a few pumpkins spread around the house. More on that in another post. :) 
We went to Hobby Lobby one day just to look around and they already had their autumn, Halloween.....AND CHRISTMAS stuff out. Isaiah loved all the autumn flowers. So, me being me, I grabbed a few photos of him while he was looking at them. :D What Scrappy Happy Mommy wouldn't, right?!
I am so ready for autumn!!
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Well, that is enough for me. I am off to work. 4 more days until the weekend. 4 days until my birthday...You thought you were going to get away from the birthday count down. ha! :P
Happy Scrapping!!
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