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The Zoo, Spring 2016, & Baby Boys

If you know me for a minute you know that I love me some Panda Bears. LOVE THEM! We live just a few hours north of the Atlanta Zoo. Back in 2007 when my husband and I got married we didn't have the money for an extravagant honeymoon. We spent some time in Gatlenburg, TN and the rest in Atlanta, GA. It was the 2nd time I got to see the Panda Bears. Fast forward 10 years later. It was wonderfully sentimental to go back to Atlanta for our 10 year anniversary. This time with our 9 year old in tow. :-) I was just as sappy over seeing the Panda Bears!

credits: Wild Things - Core Bundle by Connie Prince

We of course saw the lions too. This guy was roaring and you could hear him throughout the entire zoo. It was so cool! Epic if you will. :-)  Our trip to the zoo. credits:Epic Adventure Grab Bag by Laurie's Scraps and Designs andThe Story of Us 3 by Miss Mel

My sweet little nephews.  credits:The First Year-Boy: Bundle by Melissa Bennett andSide by Side Templates by Miss Fish Templates

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Changes; and 10 Years Together

Another week has dawned. Good 'ol Monday. This week has the terrible added twist of being daylight savings time. I detest both times of the year when this happens. Do I like it feeling like an hour earlier when it is time to leave work? Well sure. That doesn't come close to outweighing feeling like I am getting up at 5am in the morning. Flop it around and I feel the same about "falling back". I wish they would get rid of this irrelevant thing! 
Aaaanyway. I didn't come to complain about the time change. I came to show off some new digital scrapbooking layouts. This past week was weird with the weather. It felt like lovely spring at the start; and it was snowing yesterday. So crazy! You know what also happened this past week? My hubby's and I 10 year anniversary. I scrapped a bit of both this week. Here are those layouts: 
credits: Snaparazzi {Bundle} by Digilicious Design andHalf Pack 169: Photo Focus 79 by Cindy Schneider

Credits:Spring - Create Crate Monthly…

My Latest Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

Good Monday morning everyone. I am just dropping by to show off some digital scrapbooking layouts I made this past week. Short and Sweet. Here they are:

credits:Never too late | Templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs andHello, I Love You TDP Collab

A New Day | Elements
A New Day | Papers 
both by Juno Designs 
Shape Up Volume 1 | Template Set by Jen C. Designs

credits:Good Choices - Bundle by Connie Prince

credits:I've Got Sunshine - Bundle by Aprilisa Designs

credits:Free Spirit - Bundle by Connie Prince

Sisters and Spring

Well it really isn't Spring here yet. It is February. However, we hit nearly 80 degrees (F) this past week. Just crazy insane! Once the weather turns nicer around here though, we take to hiking!

credits:#2017 March - Bundle Collection by Connie Prince

This is how the weather is supposed to be though. This is February 2015. Snow! I would love some snow right about now.

credits:Ice Queen Grab Bag by Laurie's Scraps & Designs

Think Warm Thoughts

I cannot believe that it is as warm as it is this week! We have a month (nearly to the day) left of winter. is in the 70s (F) so far this week! If we are not going to get any snow, I rather it just warm up. Bring on swimming pool weather!

Here are some recent layouts of mine with warm thoughts in mind. Be it the sun, the beach, or a warm hug. :-)

credits:Gone Cruisin' - Bundle by Connie Prince

 credits: Sunshine in My Soul Elements and Papers by Meagan's Creations andOh Boy Vol. 1 | Templates also by Meagan's Creations

credits:Bear Hugs by Becca Bonneville

Lovey Dovey Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

Well Valentine's Day has come and gone. I got to work with some fantastic love-inspired digital scrapbooking kits over the past few weeks. It made me realize that I need more photos of me and the hubby!! Here are my lovey dovey digital scrapbooking layouts (with a few more dropped in)

credits:Love You More - Kit by Aprilisa Designs and Arty Inspiration #8 by HeartStrings Scrap Art

Credits:I Heart You Bundle by Laurie's Scraps & Designs

credits: Template is from Star Shining Bright Bundle by  Dagi's Temp-tations andHarmony Bundle by Bella Gypsy

credits:Groovy Kinda Love by Digilicious Design

Snow Day Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

Here in the southern part of the States (Georgia), we hardly see any snow. Usually a light dusting once a year. Twice if we are lucky. About every 10 years we have a "big" snow. Usually less than a foot of it.

My son and I love love love snow though! Love it!! I am like a child when it snows. If they call for it and it doesn't show up, I am so disappointment. It is hard to deal with the kiddo's disappointment because of my own. When it does snow, even an inch or less, I am over the top excited!!

I take photos of the most mundane things in my life. You better bet I take a LOT of photos when it snows. Here are some of 2016 and 2017 snow day photos that I scrapped recently.

There you go. Just some of the recent snow day and snow day digital scrapbooking layouts? Do you get a lot of snow where you are? Or hardly any like me? Do you take photos and scrap them? Show me yours!