Template Tuesday!

Ok, so I am a template girl. I absolutely love them. I will scower the stores looking for good sales on templates and blogs for freebies. Ever since I came back from my vacation, my scrappin' mojo has been, well lacking. I still love scrapping but as far as sitting down and doing it, nothing comes to my mind. I draw a blank just about every time. That is why I am a template girl here of late.
One of my new favorite template designer is Jaclyn Bernardo. She is also a very talented kit designer as well! Check out some of the templates below:

(All image are linked to store)

Here are some layouts by me using these templates:

as you can see, I am a template girl and Jaclyn Bernardo's templates rock!!! So go grab some up and start scrappin'. And until next time, may that scrappin' be happy! :)

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