Sick and Quite

So, I am popping in here to say Hi and apologize. I have not been my normal chatty self here of late. There is a reason for that. I have been sick for 2 weeks now. I am normally a sickly person. If someone around me gets sick, I get it. I get migraines. I am always tired. I have come to terms in my 27 years of life that my immune system stinks and I get sick...a lot. But this time it really took me for a whirl. I just knew I had strep throat. Since I was a kid, I would get strep throat at least once a year. I am familiar with the symptoms. Not to mention the area I live, it seems that everyone was getting it. So, Sunday two weeks ago my throat starting hurting. Monday the body aches. Tuesday the fever kicked in. Wednesday I went to the Dr. The nurse (now I hold nurses very highly. My sis is a nurse. My BFF is a nurse. My mother in law is a nurse. Nurses are amazing people!) that I had just seemed like she didn't want to be there. She swabbed my throat and left. Now, I have had a lot of swabs. Normally I am feeling it in my esophagus. This time, I hardly felt it past my tongue. I just thought maybe I had grown up and got past the having to sit on my hands to keep from fighting the swab. But the strep test was negative. They gave me cold pills and sent me on my way. The Dr did say, I really thought you had strep, but the test was negative. If you get worse, come back and I will give you antibiotics. I am not in the medical field, but why couldn't she have just given them to me then?!? So, each day I kept feeling worse. I think I was awake for maybe 12 hours last weekend. I would trudge to work put on my game face. I even worked out this past Wednesday night. What was I thinking?!? I woke up Thursday morning feeling like I had spent the day running around the house in 100 degree weather. I could hardly stand. I was so hot, shaky, and a migraine to boot. I could hardly talk b/c of my throat. I thought if I didn't have strep then I wasn't La'Shawn. But, I headed on in to work. The closer I got, the worse I felt. I had no business driving. I called my hubby and said, I am going to the hospital. Sure enough....Strep throat! Now, I don't know if the strep test was read wrong or if my crappy immune system allowed me to get a cold and then strep. Like I said, I am not medical professional. But, I have said strep for 2 weeks now. So a few shots in the tooshie, antibiotics (a week later) and some allergy meds. I am already feeling like a new woman!
Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to get it out there why I had been so hit and miss. Hopefully after a few good days on the meds, I will be back to my normal self. Nothing like fighting an infection for two weeks to bring you down. :)

So, I couldn't leave this post photo-less. This is me and the guys out in the park a few weeks ago. Enjoying the beauty of fall...and each other. ♥

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