Sunday Scrapbook | Redo!

Sometimes you just have to go back and redo things. Not only in life, but in crafts too! 
You advance in your ability & knowledge. You learn new things. 

Here is an example of my going back and redoing my craft. 

Sun October 11, 2009

I am not saying this is a bad layout!! I was learning. The photo is really dark. There is no shadow work on the layout. All my 1st layouts had just one photo, smacked in the middle, and a few elements around. No title work & no journaling. I would not have called this finished if I was not proud of it. I would not have saved it (still have it today) if I wasnt proud of it!

However, like I said, you learn more. You advance. 
This is one of my most favorite photos of Bug. I just love that smile on his face. So, I went back and scrapped it. Who is to say I wont do it again? 

Wed August 24, 2011
Love the use of the patterned paper on this. It is one of my most favorite things to use now. The edited photo & the journaling. I hate that it didnt save well. My computer was acting up at that time and shut down before I could save at the right resolution. That is why it is a bit grainy Didnt stop me from keeping it though! 

So, as you advance & learn with your craft, don't feel bad about going back and redoing or touching up some old things you have done. Try to keep those old ones though. It is always nice to see where you started from. 

If you are wanting to learn how to scrap, i am up to answering questions. As well as there are great tuts out there. Google is also a great tool!! :-)
PickleBerryPop has a great start up pack! We were all new to digi scrapping at some point, and we probably all wished that we had someone to explain the basics to us. Our Start Up Pack has been specifically designed with this in mind - to help you discover this wonderful hobby! 

 click the pic to go to PBP to download and read a bit more!

You should check out SSD's Tutorial gallery as well!

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