Wordy Wednesday | Vol. 6

This one is a lot more cheerful and fun than the past two. I am going to jump right into it. (there is a lot of journaling on this one!) You can find all my layouts in my gallery!

Journaling reads:
I have always wanted to travel the world. Of course I realize that I must first get over my fear of flying. I believe my love of history is the root reason to this love of wanting to see other places. I read about all these beautiful worlds that are not my own. These worlds that I can only read and dream about. My dorky self would read for days on end about such places as Ancient Egypt growing up. I swear I would try and do every project in high school on Ancient Egypt. I dream about going to see the great pyramids, the Nile, walking around in the beautiful desert (mind you of course that I am not lost of course), and seeing the beautiful artifacts in the museum. There are building in that country older than the county I live in. Tudor history makes me dream of going to England and seeing its beautiful castles and it's amazing green scenery. I would love reading about Greece in high school and dream about going to see the start of civilization. Where politics began the most amazing architecture. There are so many other places such as Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia, to name a few. It isn't that I don;t love living in the United States. I absolutely do. I love the diversity of it. No only its people but the country itself. How such as now it is snowing in one area and warm in another. How people in other parts of the world come here to live the American Dream. I am just a history nut and in the scope of history, this country is a baby and there are many more places in the world to see. But, as I said, I must get over the fear of flying. Maybe one day I will. I know that Jeremy would gladly take me wherever my heart desires. It would just be picking one place! 

Man oh man, that fits "wordy" pretty dern well! I agree with this 100% still to this day. I believe it was around 2010 that I scrapped this layout. So, 5 years later, and my heart still wants to go to these places. Also...I've flown since then!! Not gotten over the fear of it. But I have done it!

Do you have the wanderlust? Where do you want to go?

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