Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

I am so ready for some winter weather around here. Of course, where I live (North Georgia) we never get that. I think the last snow we had was when Isaiah was like a month old. The photos is below. I had a co-worker mention it might snow where she lives this week. (She lives about an hour north of me on the mountain) Anyway, it has me dreaming of a white Thanksgiving. lol. A white any day of the week & I would take it!!! I don't want to drive in it though. Isaiah has never got to play in the snow and I would so love for him to be able to. I am pretty sure I would be covered in the cold (wonderful) stuff before we made it back inside. But it would be worth it. I know he would love it. Not to mention I would have wonderful photos to scrap with!!! :) So, all this cold & snow thinking made me want to come home and scrap some wintry photos. That is what I did to. I was RAK'd (Random Act of Kindness) by Becca & Helly with their new kit Wintersong. This is a beautiful wintry kit. Full of blues, purples & whites. I hunted down the most wintry photos I could find. Even a horrible one of myself. I was all "fluffy" from just having a baby. And scrapped away. Check out this kit and my layouts!!
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On a side note: dont hate on me b/c I took me new born out in the snow for a photo. :) I already got in trouble by my mom for doing so. :) He was out there less than 5 mins and he didnt get sick. :) :)

Happy Scrapping!

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