New Release Layouts

Good Morning everyone!! I am attempting to be human today. I had my wisdom tooth taken out Friday after having worked all night the night before. They put me under to take it out. So needless to say, I was quite the zombie until today. I still feel a tad out of it. But, I thought it was time to attempt to move among the normal people again. :) However, due to getting adjusted to working 3rd shift again and having my tooth taken out, I am a bit behind on everything. Blogging being one of them. I wasnt able to give each new release its individual post it deserves. I do want to post them though! So here they are. : )
Ghoulies Designer Kit by Dawn by Design & Sassy Starters Strips Volume 3 by Nanies Designs

Kit: Silly Silly Bo-Billy by Jady Day Studio Lift for SM Challenge (hosted by yours truly)
Boys of Fall by Modern June Designs 

Fallish by Sweet Tomato Designs
Gimme Layers Triple Threat Vol. 1 by Cluster Queen Creations
Flock Together by Inspirations from Day
Gimme Layers Vol. 9 by Cluster Queen Creations
Lil Bakery by Pure Creativity Designs
So Silly: The Bundle by Sugar Pie Scraps
Sassy Starters Strips Volume 3 by Nanie's Designs
That's the pages I made last week with the awesome designs I got to work with. :) Thanks for stopping by. I think I am going to head off to take another nap. lol.
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