I week until my birthday

I am that person. The one that counts down my birthday. Just ask my hubby, parents, sister, or the guys I work with. They can all tell you. From childhood and even now I count it down. I am nearly 30 years old and from August 1 until my birthday people get random countdowns. So...why shouldn't the scrappy world, right?! lol.
My last year of being in my 20s too. I am totally not bothered by it. Maybe I will be this time next year. However, as of right now, I am not. I am ok with edging up to 30. 
I thought I would show off a page about my 28th year. Here it is:

( click HERE for credits)

My hubby had to work this Saturday. boo!! So, the Bug and I are off to explore some woods (aka. take photos. lol)  and go play on some swings and slides. Catch ya later. Enjoy your Saturday!!
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