This Boy

Good morning. I thought I would break the new releases up a little bit and not word vomit all in one blog post. :-) There are a lot of new releases to show you in the up coming days. I am really excited about them all. Halloween, boyish things, and templates. That says La'Shawn scrappy heaven if I ever heard it.

First up is this new release by Bella Gypsy Designs. I chose to work with the boy kit, because, well duh. There is a super cute girl kit as well. I never pass up on a boy kit. There seems to be more out there now than when I first started scrapping. That was about 6 years ago. There was much more pink, glitter, and flowers to be found. So, whenever I saw a boy kit, ANY boy kit, I grabbed it. I guess that has stuck with me. There is a lot more out there for scrapping boys now. Makes me happy. I showed you the sneak peek yesterday. Here is This Boy.

Of course, here it is in all the La'Shawn glory there is. Gosh, these two. I actually had someone think that the blonde one was my youngest. (only from FB posts). It has to be because these two are glued to the hip. I have so many photos of them together. This is one of my favorite ones though. I am so glad that my sister and her family lives right down the street from me. Since Bug is an only child, it makes growing up not as boring. :-)

I also have a set of templates to show you today from Little Bit Shoppe. I didn't get a chance to scrap with them, yet. I have been uber busy this week and sleepy. So, if I am not running around like a mad woman, I am catching some z's. That doesn't mean I am not going to scrap with these awesome templates. If you are a template scrapper (or not!), these are for you. Check out Rainy day Templates!

There you go. Some great new releases from some of my favorite designers! Don't miss out. You know how the sales go with new releases. I am off to hunt down a snack. :-) happy scrapping!

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