The Zoo, Spring 2016, & Baby Boys

by - March 27, 2017

If you know me for a minute you know that I love me some Panda Bears. LOVE THEM! We live just a few hours north of the Atlanta Zoo. Back in 2007 when my husband and I got married we didn't have the money for an extravagant honeymoon. We spent some time in Gatlenburg, TN and the rest in Atlanta, GA. It was the 2nd time I got to see the Panda Bears. Fast forward 10 years later. It was wonderfully sentimental to go back to Atlanta for our 10 year anniversary. This time with our 9 year old in tow. :-) I was just as sappy over seeing the Panda Bears!

credits: Wild Things - Core Bundle by Connie Prince

We of course saw the lions too. This guy was roaring and you could hear him throughout the entire zoo. It was so cool! Epic if you will. :-) 
Our trip to the zoo.
Epic Adventure Grab Bag by Laurie's Scraps and Designs
The Story of Us 3 by Miss Mel

My sweet little nephews. 
The First Year-Boy: Bundle by Melissa Bennett
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SUNSHINE & SMILES by Meredith Cardall 
Chasing Rainbows [Template Pack] by Pixilily

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