Sweet Something

Soooo glad it is the weekend!! I thought today would never get here. I am very glad it did. After having surgery a week ago and working all week, this week was a looong week. But I made it. :) And really, I didn't complain that much.
I got a pretty kit to show you today. LawTeeDa Designs. The perfect kit for your nights out on the town, fancy occasions, or even wedding layouts! And if you are anything like me, you still have pleeeenty of wedding photos left scrap. lol. So go grab up this kit. It is 40% off right now. (as always, images are clickable)

and a page by me made with a template from the ever awesome fizzy pop designs
I am now off to enjoy the weekend with my guys. My hubby is now off on the weekends. So, I am going to go enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by!

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