Jerr's Picks of the Week

That's right! He has done it again. I ♥ my hubby! He sat down this past weekend and picked out some kits for me to scrap with. (I think he kinda likes doing it) Until he tells me he is sick of it...I am going to have him do it and post what I have done once a week. I ♥ having a hubby who looks at my layouts, will watch my scrap, and will do this for me (and as I said...I think he kinda enjoys it. lol) So here are Jerr's picks of the week. Oh, I am throwing one of my own in there. One of the 4 he picked out for me to scrap, I didnt have time to scrap. So, I am including one I did for a challenge this weekend. It is still a non-ct one.

(click HERE for credits)

Really there is no guessing why he chose this kit. It is Jerr colors. Browns and greens. He is a tree hugger after all. And it is a guy kit. All the metal elements and such. And if he scrapped...he would be a Flergs fan. He pulled up a bunch to narrow them down and I would say 50% were either by Flergs or she contributed to collab. lol. Can't say that I blame him though.

This is one that I did for a challenge. I might get a woopin' for putting this on here. This is my beautiful and amazingly talented mommy and of course you know the dirty faced little one by now. Why the woopin'? My mom doesn't care for her photo to be plastered all over the internet. But I love this photo of them playing in the yard getting all dirty. It is one of my most fav photos of them two! (1st has been posted b4. It was 4th of July 2 years ago.) You can click HERE for credits. This is a kit from a talented Scrapable designer. And if you are looking for a great community. That is the place to be! I ♥ it there.

Again, not hard to see why he chose this one. The same colors and the earthy elements. :) I am seeing a pattern of kits he picks out...and the ones I buy. hmmmm (click HERE for credits)

and as I said last week...Jerr is a bit of a softey. So we have another lovey dovey kit. (and Flergs contributed to this one. lol) Click HERE for credits.

Well that is it for Jerr's picks. I will be back tomorrow with some more goodies!

♥, La'Shawn

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