3 going on 18!

I just realized that my last post was my 100th. Pretty cool. Man I am a talker. :) Aaaanyway...I am stopping by this morning to show off some awesome designs of the very talented JennCk Designs. I really love working with her products. Starting out is "May Meadow" I am finding myself a fan of patterned papers. I am using them more and more. So I just loved this bright and fun kit full of patterned papers. I did struggle with this layout though. I was taking medicine because my arm had been killing me. I dreamed about this thing...seriously! lol. Check it out:

And being a mommy I ♥ birthday kits. I can never seem to have too many...It might be b/c by the time I leave a birthday party (it doesn't even have to be my own child's) I have oh...at least 30 photos. Now, if it is Isaiah or Ethans, I have too many really. :) So, Birthday kits are always in need. I love "Birthday Bash" by JennCk. The little cake and cupcakes are darling and the banner is just too cute. Makes me want to print them off and use them for Isaiah's birthday...which is coming up mind you. But we must do a Phineas and Ferb birthday. {sigh} Check out "Birthday Bash" :

{sob!} I can't believe he is going to be THREE this year!!! 3 going on 18 to be sure. That smart mouth of his. I guess I am paying for my raising. I see many years of me and that smart mouth. and poor Jerr caught in the middle. :D Tonight Isaiah was eating dinner at the table. I covered up with his blankey (used to be mine) He started yelling "Oh blankey! Oh blankey!" Yeah....I had to give up the blankey so it could sit by him while he ate! I then got told by my hubby to stop giving my son evil looks. I had no idea that I was. Ah! So many years of pleasantness to come. :D I ♥ it!! :D

Thanks for stopping by!!

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