Laurie's Scraps

Good morning. It is all nice and rainy here. I love rainy days! Being a day sleeper...for now, it kinda tricks my mind into thinking it is night. lol. Plus, we really needed the rain. I really didn't come to talk to you about the weather. :D Today I am here to show you some awesome designs by Laurie's Scraps & Designs. As well as bring you some awesome news. So first to the designs.

Laurie has an awesome kit and huge element add on. This kit and add on is perfect for travel pages, Disney pages, or just for your at home pages. They are seriously HUGE. Check them out:

I love Laurie's templates. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. Check out her new set of templates and the awesome beach kit I used with them. I seriously think this is my fav beach kit! Check it:

And Laurie is opening a new store today. And to celebrate she is having a huge sale! 40% off everything!! All the way to December! Woot! So run over and stock up on some goodies. (images are all linked. Ad is linked to Laurie's store)

I am off to sleep a rainy day away. Thanks for stopping by!


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