Scrapbooking Saturday!

Happy Saturday folks. Saturday just means the 1st day of me new, 2nd, job. I am kinda excited and nervous at the same time. I've done this kind of job longer than I've done anything. I also get to do it at home. It does leave me tied to a computer all weekend instead of being a part of the family. One has to do what that have to do though! Bringing home that bacon!

I didn't come by to talk about my new job though. I am here to show you some more new releases. Both of these can be found over at GingerScraps. Spring and new babies are in the air!

I am showing my layout 1st instead of the product, b/c I like seeing it on the front page gallery of my new blog look. Not that I don't love the new designs. I just like seeing my cute kid. :-) 

Up first is a new release and add on by Just So Scrappy. Just in time for Easter! In that above egg-tastic layout, I used both the kit and add on. 

Let's be honest. This is no min-kit!

Second up is a collab between Dagi Temp-tations and Mandy KindgDesigns. I am on the creative team for Dagi and the blogger team for Mandy. Together though, they rocked this collection.
I really don't have many photos of myself when I was pregnant with my son. I have only ONE of me and my hubby while I was pregnant. This was all before my pre-scrapping days. You know, those days that I didn't take photos of everything. I had a great photo for this collection though.

The perfect elleies and papers for scrapping those preggers pages. Not to mention the great templates. If you notice on the side there is a pregnant belly silhouette. I LOVE that about the templates. I wish I had nine months (well, 8. Bug was premature) of preggy photos to scrap. Here is my layout though:

So, there you go. Happy Saturday, Spring, & Scrapping! 

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