Digital Scrapbooking Haul | Vol. 1

Have you heard of people doing make up and clothing haul posts? Well, this is one for digital scrapbooking supplies. I am not going to lie. I usually buy something every week from my favorite digital scrapbooking designers. I thought it would be fun to show what I have bought lately. I am all about enabling!

Since there isn't tangible products I can hold up and show a video camera, I will post images, links and my thoughts on why I bought what I did. So, without further is my recent digital scrapbooking haul.

These are the items I got at The DigiChick. I Really enjoy WendyP's designs. I usually buy what she has released lately. She always has great color schemes. She also has good amount of elements. They don't look like everyone else's designs.

This week The DigiChick has what they call The Hatchery. That is a quarterly mix and match collection from their designers. One color scheme with a lot of different options. I usually always buy something from them. I got Seek For Rainbows elements and papers from WendyP Designs.

 It is no secret here, I love Connie Prince's designs. I have guested for her from time-to-time over the years. I don't know any other designer that has at least one huge collection every single week. A lot of the times she has more than just one.

I usually always get her month-to-month grab bag. It is hard to pass up 6 products for just $5. I don't always use everything in the grab bag. I usually don't use the premade backgrounds. Even taking those out, that is a full kit, alphas, templates and extra papers for $5. This one is fantastic!! I love the colors and the glitter addition. March 2016 Grab Bag by Connie Prince. (Click the link to see the full previews.)

Much like The DigiChick's hatchery, GingerScraps has a monthly mix and match deal. Theirs is called The Buffet

The GingerScraps Buffet is an All You Can Eat .... or rather Scrap, Buffet. Each month the amazing GingerBread Ladies will be given a color palette, and they will create delicious goodies for you. You can mix and match, 'till your hearts content! Think of it like a way to totally customize a Mega Collab, "eat" as little or as much as you would like, after all..... you can indulge all day long and it never counts towards your calories for the day. hehe Every piece in the Buffet is never over $4.00!! Yep- you heard me, you can get every delectable piece of this Mix and Match Mega Buffet for under $4.00 each! So hurry, go fill up your "plate" and feel free to come back for seconds!

I bought a bit from the Buffet. I am just going to show them to you & link them up. Here you go:

How awesome are all these?! My stash grew by leaps and bounds this week. Normally I do not buy this much every week. I got all this for $15 bucks though! That is just too good of a deal to pass up. I will be back later with another haul. 

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