Good morning everyone. I am going to change things up. Instead of just using this as a gallery & posting my layouts with credits and leaving, I am going to be actually blogging a bit more. Yay! So, please excuse my dust while I revamp the blog a bit. That being said, here is today's layout & products use.

I just love this layout! Mainly because of those photos. I've had designers tell me before that they love that I scrap my boy in pink. Well, I am surrounded by boys! There isn't a girl in sight. There are so many amazing "girly" kits out there. You better believe that I am going to use them! I slap those photos down and surround my guy (and other little guys!) in pink.

These photos though! I changed them to black and white because he was wearing a bright yellow shirt. It really just didn't match the kit I chose. I like the outcome of me ding that though. Those photos really pop with their dark background against the lighter colors of the paper.

I tell you what. This kid has been a ball of expressions since the moment he was born. He is a lot like his momma (in more ways that I care to list). You can read him like a book just by looking at his face. He shows every emotion on his face and in a big way.

These photos were a brief family outing. His Daddy was making him laugh; as only his Daddy can. He is the funniest guy we know. I love that I have this to look back on and see his appreciation for his Daddy's humor.

Now, on to what I used on this layout. Images are linked!

Happy Scrapping! 

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