From the Archives Vol. 1

I am going back...way back...into my scrapping portfolio. Taking a look at layouts that I have done from when I first started scrapping  back in 2009 up to now. Wow, just looking at the time to see when I started; and I am a bit flabbergasted. 2009! Nearly 7 years of digital scrapbooking.

There is no better layout to start From the Archives than my very 1st layout. That's right. I still have that layout. I've thought about deleting layouts over the year. I like going back and looking at them though. See where I came from. See how I have evolved as a scrapper. 

The Art in Me by Tracie Stroud

The product from this layout from 7 years ago are no longer available. That being said, wow! Boy has my scrapping style and skill evolved. I will say that I much prefer to scrap one photo per page. Just like this one. I love taking photos. There is usually not a day that goes by that I don't take some kind of photo. I think that is why I like the focus to be on the photo & the memory.

 There is no clustering and no shadow work on this layout. I love love love to cluster around my photos now. It is fun tucking elements around each other. Of course, I believe that good shadow work makes a layout! It makes the digital part of it seem less digital. Makes it more tangible.

 I do notice some paint on this layout though and scrapping within one kit. That hasn't changed one bit! I am 99.9% in a kit scrapper. What does that mean? Well I usually don't pull from other kits to make a page. Every once in a while I will pull a stitch or a leaf. (all kits should have these in my option!). If it isn't in the kit I am working with, it doesn't get put on my layout. Also, if there is paint or some kind of splatter in the kit, that puppy is going on my layout!

That was fun! Do you have your 1st layout? How has your scrapping evolved?
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