Harry Potter - Universal Studios Scrapbook

Last month we went to Orlando, Florida with pit stops in Treasure Island, Florida for our family vacation. This was the 1st family vacation we have gone on with my side of the family. It is the 1st vacation my son got to play with his cousins on the beach, the first time my youngest nephew got to see the ocean, and the 1st vacation I went on with my mom, sister, and MeeMaw since I was younger than Isaiah is now (which is 9 by the way). It was a pretty big deal!

The main attraction we were going for was the Harry Potter experience at Universal Studios. We are all pretty big Harry Potter fans. My mom's dog is named Padfoot after all. We are all also (kids included) sorted in our houses. My mom, pop, and Jeremy are all Gryffindors. Isaiah, and my oldest nephew are Hufflepuffs. My middle nephew and myself are Ravenclaw, and my sister is Slytherin. The youngest nephew, who is 3, says he is Harry Potter when you ask him what house he is sorted in. 

I have started scrapping those photos for my vacation scrapbook. Only two. I have so so many photos from the Harry Potter part of vacation. 

Harry Potter - Universal Studios Scrapbook

The caption reads:
After spending hours in Diagon Alley, we hopped the Hogwarts Express over to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. It was the true feeling of magic for this Muggle. Walking under the gate and seeing the snow covered buildings with Hogwarts in the distance. We ate lunch       at the Three Broomsticks, and ended with exploring the inside of Hogwarts and riding that ride. I enjoyed both the butterbeer and pumpkin juice. We all enjoyed shopping at Honeydukes!

Harry Potter - Universal Studios Scrapbook

The caption reads:
All Isaiah could talk about before vacation was how he wanted one of the interactive wands to use in the Harry Potter part of Universal. We ended up buying him one.
He chose Sirus Black’s. Ethan chose Cedric Diggary, and Evan chose Xenophilius Lovegood ‘s . . .
I mean those wands chose them! 

I used a new set of templates from Little Rad Trio over at GingerScraps for both these layouts. 
Mama Bear {Templates} by Little Rad Trio. The kit is School of Wizardy by Magical Scraps Galore!
Harry Potter - Universal Studios Scrapbook
School of Wizardy by Magical Scraps Galore! || Mama Bear {templates} by LRT

I have so many more vacation scrapbook pages already done. I will be back at a later time to showcase those. Like I said before, I have so many HP photos to scrap. I am sure I will be back in a few with more of those pages as well.

Do you have any Harry Potter digital scrapbooking pages you have scrapped? Link me up. Or if you know of more Harry Potter digital scrapbooking supplies make sure to drop a line and point me in that direction. I need them all!

Happy and Magical scrapping everyone!
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