Just some layouts of mine & a great show!!

Been a while since I have just posted some none CT layouts. I have done too many to post separately. So, here is a slide show. There are quite a few. I hope you enjoy them!

Click here for credits and Happy Scrapping
And on an entirely non scrapping note. :) I am period piece movie watcher. I love reading the classics as well. Well, I just watched Cranford and Return to Cranford and I am in love with this story and all the people in it. I am ready the book and it is a bit different than the period piece done on it. But, it is still wonderful!! Here is a wonderful piece from Return to Crandford. The very handsome man in this clip is Tom Hiddleston. He is a very smart actor and is selected to play Loki in the upcoming Thor. Cant wait for that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the clips. I am also including the trailer for Cranford.

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