♫ ♪ Rockstar Monday ♫ ♪

Good Monday Morning! When this posts, I will be at the hospital being ugly about getting my gallbladder taken out! I am pretty sure it is just a pre-op today, but I am going to see if I can get the surgery for today! I will have not eaten anything after midnight and all that jazz. They have prolonged this stuff long enough. It is edging up on 2 weeks now and they are wasting my time and leaving me in pain!
Anyway, on to some scrapping happy goodness. Some rockin' goodness!!
LawTeeDa Designs has an awesome new kit out this week. "I'm With The Band" is a great kit for scrappin' those little ones who love to rock, beat on pots and pans, take after the big rockers in your life, like to make some noise, or are just too cool! I of course had to scrap my nephew. His daddy is in a band and my nephew is one cool little dude! Check out the kit and my page below. They are both all linked up for you.

and my page:

Thanks for stopping by and have a rockin' good Monday!

☮ , La'Shawn

PS: Head over to Plum Dumpling Designs Blog for a freebie today :)

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