Stink, Stank, "Stump"

Well, this was supposed to post yesterday while I was sleeping. However, it didnt. So, I will just nudge everything by a day. :) 
I know it has been a while. Work has been draining. Transportation and holidays equals busy!! So I have just been coming home and crashing. Very little time for scrapping and no time for blogging. But since we are in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a smidgen slower. Thankfully!
Today I am stopping by to show you Cluster Queen Creations Chick Fix's for this month. There are a lot of great items from TDC designers this month. Here are Melissa's. Naughty or Nice Collection:

And here is why the title of my post. Bug's favorite Christmas song is The Grinch. When I saw these items, it is immediately what I thought of.  Last year he loved that song. He was 2 years old. He would make me play it all the time. Welll this year, all on his own, he asked me to play the Grinch. This year, however, he sang along with it. His own words. Throwing in the right ones from time-to-time. However when it gets to the part "Stink, Stank, Stunk" he belts out at the top of his lungs...."STINK! STANK! STUMP!" lol!! I have tried to get him to hear and say stunk. He just doesnt. It is the cutest!! 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a Merry Christmas season so far! I am off to get a nap in before we start putting up decorations. yay!
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