Back at it

Whew, I have been one sick chicka! 
I am quite happy to be back at scrapping. Not so much back to my normal self. But, at least I am out of the bed! I was in bed from Saturday night until Wednesday evening. No joke! Now, I love to be in bed. I love to sleep. Let me tell you..I was sick to death of being in bed. 
I have some newish things to show you. They were new until I got all quarantined and couldn't do anything. 

This is my son playing in what we have termed at the "backyard beach" if you have watched Phines and Ferb, you know where it comes from. Although it isnt as cool as theirs, it is pretty dang cool! My sister and brother-in-law bought it for their boys. We get to play in it as well. 
Here is what I used:

by Scrappy Creations by Melanie 

by Lindsay Jane

So, that is what I have today. 
Happy Scrapping! 

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