Speaking of weeks...

Well, I seem to be back in the swing of things. It is my Friday. Woot! I am ready to be done with this yucky week! 

Speaking of weeks. ;) (Like how I did that? lol) I thought I would show you some of my recent project 52 pages. I am slowly getting caught up on them. I have only forgotten to take a photo for one week. That was this week, while I was in bed sick. sigh. But, I will figure out something to do for that page. I am about 4 pages behind before I get to scrapping that. 

Another week of being sick. This was a few weeks ago though. We were ALL sick in the house. Including poor Bug. So, had to scrap that. 

by Lindsay Jane

This was the week we were at the beach!! I love how this page turned out. It was totally because of the rocking collection I used. Probably the best beach collection I have come across. I will totally be using it again!!

by FayETTE designs

So, that is it for me today. A little bit of sickly a little bit of beachy, and a lot of project 52. :D 
Until next time!
Happy Scrapping!
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