Where has time gone?!

Man I have been one busy lady! :) Nah, not really. I just have stepped away from all things digi for a bit. Took a break from scrapping, blogging, FBing, & playing computer games. I was living real life. 
Well, not that my digi-life isnt real. Let's just say I was living a less-digi life for a bit. :) 
I am getting back into the swing of things. I think the holidays being over helps a lot! 

Enough about that!
I am here to show you some digi-goodness. 
I am only on one CT now. What?! LaShawn on ONE CT?! That is crazy! I know. I know. 

Here is a new kit from Bella Gypsy Designs. Is a mini but a goody! 

and speaking of besties...

yeah, she rocks. You should be jelly of my awesome bff. :P 
Happy Scrapping! 

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