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It is that time of year again!! The time that Scrap Orchard has their Farmer's Market. That was my first introduction to Scrap Orchard...years ago. Let me just tell you. Bella Gypsy Designs does Farmer's Market like no other. They don't include kits so tiny you really cannot use them. No samples, no stand alone alphas, or nothing so old that you have had it...for years.
This Farmer's Market they have 20...count it...TWENTY! new products. They are calling these "mini-kits". They are not. They are the size of a normal kit. Since there are SO many to showcase, they made a little video. I will share that below. There is everything from dogs, cats, princesses, and hard hats. So much guys! Check it out!!

Here are the kits that I used & the layouts to go along with them. (Solids are included with them. Although not pictured) Also, each kit has a corresponding one. So you can spend $2 and get a HUGE kit. Here is what I did:

 Woof  |  Best Buds

Both of my stinkers. lol. Make sure you head over to the Farmer's Market and grab up these goodies. There is this and so much more. The farmer's market is open until May 3rd. Happy iNSD!!
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