Wordy Wednesday Vol. 01

Hump Day!!! I am counting down to the weekend. Just a lot of fun stuff coming up. I will have to come back and tell you about. :-) Today though, I am taking "Wordless Wednesday" and putting a spin on it. A scrappy spin!

I have always loved to journal on my SB pages. I do know that a lot of people struggle with it though. On Wednesdays, from time-to-time, I am going to showcase a journal layout. Or Journal scrapbook product. Or a font! Just something that is wordy. ;-) We are going back into the gallery archives for this one!

Me and my rantings about how it seems like no one understands where I am coming from when I try explaining to them my anxiety. credits: Back Off by Captivated Visions and Laura Banasiak Back Off Scribbly Splatters by Laura Banasiak and My Words Only Vol 1 by Captivated Visions Font: DJB Smarty Pants

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