Sunday Scrapbook | 4th of July

Good morning or nearly afternoon! Enjoying your weekend? I am cleaning and scrapping today. Yay! Well, not the cleaning, of course!

Since we are coming up on the 4th of July, I thought I would show you my favorite 4th of July | Independence Day kits, templates, and elements. I have quite a few on my wishlist and scoured the digital scrapbooking stores and found some more...which have gone on my wishlist now. lol. The one thing about digital scrapbooking that I love, is the themed kits! I have shown you some kits last year. You can check those out HERE. Let's get into the new edition of My Picks.

I chose this one because it is packed full of goodies and there is this shabby feel to it. I especially like the map paper and the banner across the top. You can buy or view more about this kit HERE.

This one was chosen because I adore Sara Gleason's little bits and bobs collection. I love scrapping with templates and these are great. However, my favorite part of this collection is the little stamps and clipping templates. She has more, for different seasons and time of the year. They are my fav! You can buy this or view more about it HERE.

Flairs are the perfect little bits and bobs to go with your scrapbooking layouts. They also are perfect for just adding a special touch to a photo. These are my favorite flairs for the 4th of July. Check them out or buy them HERE.

I've mentioned before that I like scrapping with templates. They are great for quick scrapping or when your mojo isnt flowing. These are, hands down, my favorite 4th of July templates. They are not just a bunch of stars thrown on a page. The bottom right one looks like a flag. You can buy or check them out HERE...they are being bought by me right after I finish this post!

I love a really well done alpha. A lot of kits come with their coordinating alpha. However, a really well done alpha can really add to a page! They can make your title pop and a good title, with a well done alpha, is like the icing on the cake of your layout! This 4th of July alpha jumped out at me in the store. It isn't super fancy, but it is very well done. You know how it goes...HERE.

I chose this one because, not only is it packed full of goodies and is very well designed, the color scheme grabbed me. I like the choice of red and blue with the touch of army tan. This kit is perfect for more than 4th of July scrapping! There is banners, paint splats, and another great alpha! Check it out or buy it HERE.

This is a fun and cartoonish kit. I especially like the fireworks. Let's be honest...what 4th of July scrapping is complete, without some fireworks?!? My guys would say it isn't! They love fireworks. Even when Bug was 6 months old, he was fascinated by them. I thought he would be scared, but he wasn't. This is last but not least, and you can check it out and buy it HERE!

So, if you are looking for some great 4th of July | Independence Day scrapbooking kits for those holiday photos these are some suggestions for you! Of course, there are so many more out there. You can just go to the store and search for "4th of July", "Independence Day", or "Patriotic". That is how I found all of these.

So, now I am back to scrapping and washing clothes. Anyone want to come do the cleaning part for me? I now have lots of scrapping mojo! :-)

If you are wanting to learn how to scrap, i am up to answering questions. As well as there are great tuts out there. Google is also a great tool!! :-)
PickleBerryPop has a great start up pack! We were all new to digi scrapping at some point, and we probably all wished that we had someone to explain the basics to us. Our Start Up Pack has been specifically designed with this in mind - to help you discover this wonderful hobby! 

 click the pic to go to PBP to download and read a bit more!

You should check out SSD's Tutorial gallery as well!

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