Wordy Wednesday Vol 11

I thought I would start my Wordy Wednesday posts up again. Where I go back into the archives of my scrapping and showcase a journaling layout. Lately I haven't been journaling. I am not really sure why. Usually I will just put down a little blurb, title and date it. So today, I went a ways back in the archives. Nearly 3 years ago. We still have "Me & You Days" 3 years later.

The journaling reads:

Weekends are what I live for. I especially love Fridays! In our world they are called :me and you" days. They are the days that are just Mommy & Isaiah. For now anyway. We sleep in, eat lunch together, craft, run errands, eat yummy snacks, and enjoy time with other friends. I will be so sad next year when Fridays are no longer "me and you" days!

I was sad! I would cry nearly every Friday. (I am a crier!). It took until he was in the 1st grade for me to get used to it. It helps that 7 months after posting this, I quit the job that allowed me to be off on Fridays. By January of 2014 I was working Monday - Friday. It makes it a bit easier.

Credits for the layout:
Uniquely You Kit 
Uniquely You 'Mom' Add-On 
Metal Edge Alphabet and Doodle Alphabet - White 
all by Peppermint Creative 
Mintastic Templates Set.3

What have you journaled lately?
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