Good morning…if it is morning where you are at. ;) I am sitting down with a cup of coffee (iced. It’s the best) and going through my normal morning routine. That is…email…twitter/facebook…google reader…forums…& then post layouts. One day while doing this I came across a post about a new site and it perked my interest. “Me So Scrappy is like the scrapping website, for scrappers, by scrappers. It isn’t commercially and full of all kind of eye candy and words of wisdom. I knew from the first post that I was going to love this site.

This great site is the project of Jaclyn Bernardo, a fab designer and super scrapper! Her goal was “that you will find entertainment, support, laughter, and friendship here at Me So Scrappy!” They have random postings to help you in your day to day scrapping. Such thing as journaling help and scrapping spending habits (you know we are almost all bad at this! Lol)They also have a featured designer with a twist. Not only do you get to know the awesome designers and see their beautiful work. They go around the digi world picking out Me So Scrappy’s GSO! It is always a nice treat to get to know designers on a more personal level. Not many hobbies out there you get to do that. But it is even cooler to get to see what grabs their eyes in the galleries.These are just a few things that are over there at this cool site. Think it is worth checking out!

Thanks for stopping by today!I am now off to get a little one out of jammies and off doing something 3 year old fun!



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