Last day of my week. Sigh

Well, my week is coming to an end. I have been quite this week for a reason. Jerr has been on the other side of the east coast. Pennsylvania. Or as Isaiah calls it Pennsyl-pania. So, without a break from being mommy, I havent had time to do my normal sit at the computer stuff. We miss him SO much! He is coming home today though...just in time for me to go back to work. I wont rant about that since it might get to people who I don't need to rant to. I just pray that he gets home safely and that we get to spend a little time together before I have to crawl in bed to start my work stuff.
Isaiah and I really have not done a lot worth talking about this week. The migraines that I have been avoiding due to changing from night shift to day shift finally came to visit. {sigh} I guess I couldn't keep it away forever. And boy when this one hit, it hit me hard. It took 24 hours to go away. But my parents rock and they came to get Isaiah and watched him all day so I could lie around on the couch, sleep, and be lazy.
We also worked on potty training. I have a 3 year old boy that has no desire to use the potty. As his mommy, I know that he can do it! He is a smart boy. He also comes to tell me right after he is done with his his diaper. I have tried, candy, dancing, forcing him to sit on the potty for what seems like un-natural amount of time, putting him in undies to feel the wet against his skin. He just wont do it and doesn't care!! I am at my wits end. I would love some suggestions!!
Anyway, I am off to clean the house. The migraine and, well, laziness has keep me from doing so this week. Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!!
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