Do you like them or use them? Well....my name is La'Shawn and I am addicted to templates. lol
Seriously, I dont think I scrap without them these days. Sometimes I go with exactly what is on the template. No changes. And sometimes I use the template as a starting ground. I can, and do from time-to-time, scrap without templates. But my creativity just isnt as great as these awesome template designers. Anyway, I am dropping by on this Sunday (woot! Last day of work!) to show you some awesome new templates.
First up is Aprilisa's new template set Picture Perfect #3. A set of 4 templates with the focus on photos and beautiful layers....and scallops. I love scallops. This set of templates are available at Scrapable.co and Digital Scrap Cafe.
Take a look:

can you tell I loved these templates? :)
Also new this week in the template world is two new template packs by The Queen of Hearts. She seriously rocks the templates. But of course she would since Carly is such a excellent scrapper! So check out Vol 6 of the Color Pop series and the Pink Sugar template set.

Catch you next week. Woot!

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