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Happy Saturday everyone! Today brings another addition of Scrapbooking Saturday. Where I talk about everything from my favorite designers, fun kits themes, tips, and sales! Today, I am going to talk about one of my all time favorite designers. Well, actually designers. They are sisters designing together. I am talking about
HERE is their store.

A little bit about my history with Bella Gypsy. I have been scrapping for about 8 years. They are one of the very first designs I stumbled across. I LOVED their themes and color choices. Their designing advanced as my scrapping did. I would buy their products constantly. I joined a store's creative team for the soul purpose of getting to work with their stuff. That store closed & I was so sad! However, a few weeks after it closed, they reached out to me!! I had never been asked to join a creative team. I was floored it was with my all time favorite designing duo. So, naturally I accepted. I've been on their team for years.

So, with that back story and lots of gushing about how I love them. Let me show you why. Their kits have some of the best themes out there! Not just holiday and seasons and so on. Real life and sentiment themes. The colors jump out at me every time and the papers are my favorite. That isn't to say I don't like the ellies. I do! So, here are some of my current favorites from them.

Purchase HERE
Purchase HERE
Purchase HERE
This isn't me doing my creative team thing for them. I truly love them and wanted any scrapper out there, who didn't already know, know about them. This is just a glimpse into what they design. And here is some of my favorite layouts using said designs.

  Interested in getting started in digi-scrapbooking? I taught myself. Seriously! If I can do it, you can too. I got a photo editing program and looked up tutorials. There are a lot more now than there were 7 years ago. I did a lot of googling. I would suggest starting HEREHERE. There is a great collection on TUTS. From the beginning to the difficult. 

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