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Good afternoon! Today finds me working...and scrapping!!
I really didn't scrap this past week. With everything going on and swimming every day after work, scrapping took a hit. That doesn't mean I don't have anything to share though! This week, I thought I would do another volume of  Digi Scrap Designers I love. Let me introduce you to


Pixelily Designs!! I love her designs and she is a sweeite, to boot. Yep. This is another designer that I used to formally CT for. I will make it a mission to have a non-CT designer next time. That is the thing with me though. I CT for people's who designs I love. I really hated leaving her team & will apply to her next creative team call. That being said, let me introduce you to her designs! They are hands-down, some of my favorite!

As a mom of boys, this is perfect for me. One of my favorite things about Pixelily Designs, is her choice of colors. She has great themed kits as well. There is even a crown for him! :-) You can veiw/buy this kit HERE. (there is also a girl's version!)

I'm telling ya...great choice of colors!! This kit though, grabs me because, not only is it bright, it has fantastic patterned papers. One of my favorite things to utilize in scrapping, is patterned paper. Not to mention...who doesn't need a little ME TIME.

If you know La'Shawn, you know this kit is perfect for me! Truthfully, it is perfect for any scrapper. That is what scrappers do! We take tons and tons of photos! The mustache is cute, right? Click HERE photo junkie to buy/view.

Last but not least, she has a "Collecting Moments" collection. A month-to-month kit that packs in everything about that month. As a project 52-er, this is perfect for me. It is perfect for anyone doing a photo project or just wants to document what happens month-to-month. That is what scrapbooking is about, right? Documenting our lives. Click HERE to view/buy.

Great stuff, right?

Here is a layout, done by me. This is using last year's monthly collection. LIFE CAPTURED
I cannot leave out of here, without telling you that you can grab some of Pixelily Designs at a great price. She is having a summer clearance sale. The items in this sale will be gone to the archives after this sale! The sale ends at the end of this month. Don't miss out!!

There you have it. The 1st Sunday Scrapbook of the month. I have some fun summer kits, designers, and layouts coming next month. Not to be missed out on. Do you have a favorite designer?! Share! I love finding new people to buy from.

If you are wanting to learn how to scrap, i am up to answering questions. As well as there are great tuts out there. Google is also a great tool!! :-)
PickleBerryPop has a great start up pack! We were all new to digi scrapping at some point, and we probably all wished that we had someone to explain the basics to us. Our Start Up Pack has been specifically designed with this in mind - to help you discover this wonderful hobby! 

 click the pic to go to PBP to download and read a bit more!

You should check out SSD's Tutorial gallery as well!

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