Vacation Scrapbook | Vol. 1

Did I mention that I went to Florida about a month ago? If I haven't, you know now! We drove almost down to the end of the states. Right above Miami. (That is almost exactly a 12 hour trip from where I live). We went to Pompano Beach, Florida.

We had a ton of fun! Rested, swam, looked for seashells, went crab hunting, and so much more! Of course, I took a ton of photos. My camera is on the fritz and I didn't want to take my dad's camera to the beach. Nothing like sand and salt to mess a camera up. So, I took photos on my phone & my hubby's phone.

Today though, I am here to showcase some of my vacation photo layouts. These are all new releases this week. I will also show you what kits I used to scrap them. Let's get started!!

Up 1st is my title page. I just love that sunshine!! I wish we had seen a star fish or sand dollar while we were in Pompano. We didn't though. Just a lot of seaweed and some pieces of coral. I used Sunkissed as well as Sunshine & Sand from Bella Gypsy Designs. I combined these two kits to make this layout. I don't usually combine kits. I am usually a stay in the kit scrapper. These just worked perfectly together though. Take a look!

^^ The links are above to check out these kits further ^^

I didn't just stop at one layout though! Two kits (even mixed) deserve two layouts, right? Sticking with the theme of scrapping my Vacation Book, I did just that! This time was a compilation of some of our beach photos. We spend about every other day there. Some of us just read, others got out in the ocean, and some played on the beach. Some did it all! :-)
I used the same two kits by Bella Gypsy mentioned above ^^

 I mentioned the 12 hour trip, right? That is all part of the vacation and needs to be scrapped too! On the way down to Florida, the kiddo went Friday morning with his grandparents. That next day (3am!!), the hubby, my sister in-law, and myself took off to FL. My husband drove the whole way. Despite my many attempts to drive. So, I just slept. We listened to The Fellowship of the Ring nearly the whole way. On the way back, it was just my little family. The 7 year old did pretty well. I did have to make him go to sleep after about the 10th, "How much longer?!" ...You know...If you sleep it will be like we are home in a flash! :-D So, here is that layout.

What is the cool & retro kit I used?! Well, I am glad you asked!! I used the newest collection from Meagan Creations. The Mother Road. If you have car photos to be scrapped or just a fan of the retro look, this is for you! Check it...

That is it for me today. Check back tomorrow for some more of my vacation layouts & some more new releases. You wont be disappointed!
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