5 Friday Favorites | Vol. 3

Today's Friday Favorites is going to be the Sweet Shoppe edition. I mentioned on the 1st two blog posts that you can find all my wish list on my pinterest. That is with the exception of Sweet Shoppe and GingerScraps. They are my two favorite stores and I keep my wish lists there. I am not really sure why. It just happened that way. So with that being said, here are the latest 5 digital scrapbooking supplies that I am crushing on. Sweet Shoppe style.

1. Manic Monday by Kirstin Cronin-Barrow | I have suggested the work day, more than once, when I have been asked a theme for a kit or collection. I am a firm believer that moments (good or bad) should be scrapped. We spend so much of our days working that they deserve to be scrapped. This is why this kit is on my wishlist.

2. Into the Woods by Kristin Cronin-Barrow | You will find out if you look at my wish list that I am a huge fan of Kristin's work! You can take a look at this kit and see why, as well as tell why it is on my wish list. Hello...hiking

3. Couch Potato by Lliella Designs | I am not overly familiar with Lliella's designs. There are a few on my wish list though. They tend to have more of a cartoon feel to them. I don't usually gravitate towards those kinds of kits. This one is right up my alley though. My little family loves to have moments where we just veg, eat popcorn and watch t.v. 

 4. Fries with That? by Traci Reed and Jady Day Studio | I am a huge fan of both these ladies. I have tried many many times to join Jady's creative team (turned down every time) and never had the nerve to apply for Traci's. I love their designs though! This one is no different. Donuts...pizza...coffee...fries and chicken! We are junk food junkies in our house (trying to fix that actually). I must have this kit!

5. Weird Science by Traci Reed | As I told you in #4...fan! Take a look at the layout below and you will see why I need this kit in my life. There are more fun mad scientist photos where those came from!

There you have it! My 5 Friday Favorites for this week. These and more are over at my wish list. I hope you found something you like.
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