5 Friday Favorites | Vol. 2

It is that time of the week again; and volume 2 of my Friday Favorites. I have a huge wishlist when it comes to digital scrapbooking. At my two favorite stores (GingerScraps and Sweet Shoppe) I keep wishlists there in the store. It is just easier that way. All the other stores (and some from my two favorite) you can find on my pinterest board.

Today though I am going to show you 5 of my favorites. I love to enable, so that is what I am doing. Of course all these images will be linked to where you can buy them. Just so you know...I am not getting anything for doing this. These are just what are actually on my wish list and what I will end up buying with my own money at some point.

Did you you know that turquoise is blue and green blur into one ? If you like both blue and green colors, then you will love Aqua shades collection. Blue, marine, green, turquoise with a touch of brown and white are harmoniously married . Many elements from this collection are exclusive and designed by Vero. You will love the versatility of this kit that you can use to scrap any kind of memories, whatever the season !

I am a huge fan of Laura's work. I have followed her from her The DigiChick, to Scrap Orchard to her store now at The Digital Press Co. Her designs always stand out from everyone else's. I even guested on her creative team once. Even though my kid isn't in scouts (the hubby is an Eagle Scout!) we go hiking...a lot. This is a perfect alpha for that! 

I am not overlly familiar with The Nifty Pixel's designs. I love these layouts though. I like the large paper layering and the big starts. I am always on the look out for great templates that have more than one photo. If you leave me to my own devises, I can only seem to scrap one photo at a time. ha!

I don't use torn elements on my layouts. I haven't in years. However, the last time my husband was looking through my books he commented on how he liked a layout that used a torn picture on it. I saw these a few days later and on my wish list they went. I always try to incorporate things my husband likes to look at as well. 

If you know me in the slightest you know that I love Doctor Who! I first saw the kit for this and then the bundle. That alpha!! "Bad Wolf" and the good and bad guys. Especially the Dalek. There is even a Sontaran, Madam Vastra and my husband's favorite (not at all)...the weeping angel! This kit collection will be mine! EXTERMINATE!! 

There you have it! My 5 Friday Favorites for this week. These and more are over at my wish list. I hope you found something you like.

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