The Hogwarts Masquerade

I think it is probably no secret around this blog that not only do I love me some panda bears. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I am not alone in my nerding out though. My son and I are a quarter of the way through the last book. My parent's named their dog Padfoot; and my sister youngest goes from being Harry Potter to wanting to own him. lol.  Going to Universal and spending two days immersed in all things Harry Potter really solidified the love for the boys. It was just yummy butterbeer flavored icing on the nerd cake that is my life. ha ha ha. I really need to do a post with just all the Harry Potter digital scrapbooking layouts I have done.

Needless to say when our local Barns and Noble posted a FB event about a Hogwarts Masquerade...we were in! These are the photos from that. I am giving a huge shout-out to my mom (otherwise known as Grams...and Madame Hooch in the photos). She made most of everything you see here. From the elaborate Hedwig right down to wands and my crystal ball. I have individual photos on my Pop's camera. I might come back and do a slide show with those later. But now...on with the nerdy goodness!!

Going from biggest photo and then top down, we have:

  1. My sister as Hermione and your's truly as Trelawney. Even in costume we cannot deny each other. My mom made my skirt, wand, shawl, and crystal ball.
  2. Didn't know batty Trelawney and Sirius had a thing going on did you? If Jerr could grow his hair out and it look like that, man-oh-man! My mom made his coat you guys!! 
  3. It is me and the ever so talented Madam Hooch. She made her robes
  4. Doesn't he make the cutest Newt?! My mom made Picket (look behind his scarf in the pic), his Niffler, and his suitcase. I will have a better photo of that after Halloween.

Going from left to right. Top row then bottom row. We have:

  1. Group photo of Hermione, Voldemort, McGonagall, a dementor, Hedwig, Newt, and Harry Potter. 
  2. Me with Hedwig. You guessed it! Mom made that entire costume. I will have to get the count of the feathers from her again. Just take me word in the fact that it is an insane amount. How cool is that though?
  3. You guys haven't met this guy yet. Well, maybe you have met Voldemort. I am talking about my future Brother In Law. He is fast becoming like a big brother to me. He is amazing with my sister and the boys; and as you can tell, a good sport! My mom did his face and mended his robes. 
  4. Me and one of ol Voldy's minions. A Death Eater. Lucius Malfoy to be exact. My mom painted the mask and mended the robes. 
  5. Voldemort and the man of the night. Harry Potter. This boy was in awe when we were at Universal. It was so convincing, he thought it was real. He came back with a huge love of all things Harry Potter. He is also about as blond as can be. lol. It looks so funny to me seeing him with dark hair. My mom made his robes. 
  6. The boys at "Honeydukes". They are decorating cookies. 

In the same progression as from above. We have:

  1. The Black, Trelawney, Scamander....errr...I mean the Castings' family!
  2. Me and probably my most favorite one from the night. Professor McGonagall. I literally jumped up and down when I saw what she was going to be, and the finished product. Mom made everything but the turtle neck! 
  3. Me and little Harry. So cute!
  4. Not so cute?! A dementor! Like my scared face? lol. If you guess that mom made that would be right. Made every last bit of it! 
As you can see we had a blast. It was a bit crowded and hot inside. I do wish there was a bit more activities to do. The boys had fun though. I think MeeMaw did as well. She kept asking me what was on her head. Then laughing and saying that everyone was talking about her costume. They were posing for photos with her too. 

We are all dressing back up tomorrow for Halloween. I will have more photos of that later this week. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into how nerdy and AMAZING my family is...oh...and how absurdly talented my mom is!! 

Happy Halloween everyone! 
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