New Releases - Winter & Christmas Layouts

Here in the states once Halloween ends and with the start of November 1st, brings Christmas crashing down upon our heads. I don't say that in a complaining sort of way. I am one of those people that loves Christmas so much that I am happy for it to be a two month affair. You might even find me from time-to-time in the summer busting out the Christmas playlist just to lift my spirits.

I do realize that there are many many many people out there that are not like that. That want to enjoy Thanksgiving for all it's glory. (Don't fret. I love me some Thanksgiving too! I can just appreciate both at the same time). They wont even think of Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving. I hear ya! I will not put any Christmas decorations up until then. In fact my Halloween decorations are still up with pride. We love Halloween a bit too much for me to shove everything back in storage come November 1st. I get my early Christmas celebrating on by Christmas music and digital scrapbooking.

Just like most everything else the digital scrapping community starts gearing up for Christmas in the week after Halloween. There are Christmas gifts to make! Gotta get those designs out early and those projects started! With that in mind, yesterday this week's new releases came out at all my favorite stores. Most of them are Christmas inspired.

Get ready for it....
Jingle Bells!! Jingle Bells!! Jingle all the Way!!

New Digital Scrapbooking Releases 

Rust Cabin Christmas by Melissa Bennett 

This is the quintessential Christmas kit to me!! Piney greens, Christmas red, woodgrain, and kraft paper. I am also a sucker for plaid...and the color comination of black and red. In fact I am wearing that color combination as I write this! It also happens to be the color scheme of my favorite sports team. Go Dawgs! Anyway, when I saw this collection I knew exactly what I was going to scrap.

I actually scrapped out of theme for this. I didn't go the Christmas route. I had this photo of the kiddo and I snuggled under a blanket with this exact color scheme. In fact one of that papers looks like the blanket itself. Here is my layout:

A Lot Like Christmas Collection by Bella Gypsy Designs. 

No your eyes do not deceive you....CHRISTMAS PANDA!!!! Of course you know me. I had to put that cute little guy in his Christmas PJs as many ways possible that I could find on my layout. I will also be coming back to this collection. That is one of my favorite things about Bella Gypsy's designs. They are jam packed full! I love clustering on my layouts. They are the perfect designers for that. I should dress up as a Christmas panda while putting up the tree this year!

Make sure you check out their store as well. There are a great many add-ons for this collection too. There are additional stackers, dates (perfect for December Daily!), and alphas to go along with this huge collection. So check em out! Here is my layout:

November 2017 Grab Bag by Designs by Connie Prince

It is that time again. This month's grab bag by Connie Prince. This one is a Christmas themed grab bag! As you can see from the image above there is a kit, border clusters, inked bits, page clusters, extra papers, and templates!! All for just $5. I always look forward to the monthly grab bags. It is a great value for the money paid. 

This is another quintessential Christmas collection. From the traditional reds and greens, to Santa, trees, holly, and candy canes. Of course a whole lot more. This was the 1st Christmas kit for me this year. It was a lot of fun scrapping with it. I am really really pleased with my layout. 

That is all I have for today. Make sure to check back on Monday. I am showcasing the last bit of the Harry Potter digital scrapbooking. Monday will be all the great digital scrapbooking supplies out there that you can use to scrap those Harry Potter photos. Nerdy fun! 

And in case you did not believe ya go. This is me right now. Wearing my red and black. I also probably could have smiled a bit more. I thought I was smiling when I took the picture. ha ha ha. Well smiling as much as I can without showing all my teeth. Anyway, I guess that is what you get when you spend most the night up and coughing. A non-smile when you thought you were actually smiling. I actually kinda look mad. lol. There ya go though. Wearing red and black. 

Have a good weekend! 
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