Christmas has past

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!! Ours was a very busy, but merry none the less. I was blessed to be off work Christmas Eve and Christmas. I spent the day with my two guys, but the lack of sleep got to me by the end of the day. I had to get some sleep. Once the guys got home & Isaiah finally went to bed, Jeremy and I stayed up and wrapped presents, cleaned up the rest of the house, and cooked. There is no sleep for the parents of little ones dreaming of sugar plums. lol. Isaiah woke up pretty early and Isaiah ran into the living room. He had his birthday party two weeks prior. So, he looked under the tree and say all the wrapped presents and yelled "TOYS!!" It was so sweet. He is now a pro at unwrapping and gets all into it. We ate breakfast and spent the rest of the day house hopping, unwrapping presents, and stuffing our faces full of yummy food. Jerr regrettably had to go to work that night. The trucking industry is a 24/7: 365 business. But, it was a great Christmas even though it was ended early. Isaiah's nap was rudely cut short when I took him to my parents for a short visit. Where he proceeded to scream and cry 90% of the visit. I would too if my nap was cut short. :) We came home, he went to bed and I wasn't far behind him. A little sad that the happiest day of the year had came to an end. That was the Castings' Christmas. Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas full of family and great food!

Isaiah getting into the opening of his present. He was growling and yelling while doing it. :) He is such a ham!

Just a short note on something scrappy today. Stacy's Backdoor Designs is having a Christmas sale that is extending over to the new year. For sure worth checking out!! Her designs just keep getting better!! Image is linked to her store:

Thanks for stopping by & happy scrapping!


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