I am seeing bears & I like it!!!

I have sooo much to update on. I guess that happens when you have been neglecting blogging. So, this weekend we had my little guy's birthday party. He will be 2 years old this Thursday. (sniff sniff. They grow up way too quickly!) He made out very nicely at this party!! Daddy and I had fun playing with the toys that evening in the middle of the bedroom floor just as much as the little guy. lol. We had a Mickey Mouse part for him. He love his Mouse. My very talented mother made the cake and cupcakes for the party and my very wonderful in-laws allowed us to invade their house and hosted the party. All-in-all it was a wonderful party! It was better than I expected actually!
On to some much neglected scrapping news. I am seeing bears! I don't mind it though. Because if anyone knows La'Shawn, they know she has a particular fondness to one type of bear and my nickname is Shawnbear after all. Marshmella Designs has been on a roll. Pumping out some fantastic designs. I, being on her creative team, have had the pleasure of getting to work with these kits. The first one Fresh Mini Kit screams LA'SHAWN!!! There is pandas in this kit!! For those of you who don't obsess over pandas like myself, this kit is versatile enough for you as well. It has wonderful fresh colors and beautiful flowers and frames in it. But come on. Who can resit the panda. lol. Check out the kit and pages I made below. Image is linked:

Another kit made by the talented Marshmella Deisngs is Bluebeary. When I opened this kit, I knew I had to pull out those baby photos of Isaiah I had not scrapped yet. This kit screams baby photos. And not just the little boy's in your life. This kit is versatile enough to scrap those little princesses even. Most all little ones has those special teddy's. ( You know I am going to throw a panda in here, right? See below. lol) Check out this fantastic kit and my pages made with it. Image is linked:

(See you knew the panda baby photo was coming. lol)

And I couldn't end this with out showing some photos of my little guy's birthday. Please excuse the bad photos. My camera seems to be wanting to quit on me. (sniff sniff) So the photos are just not up to par. But they are still memories and still wonderful!!

The birthday boy on his big boy toy

The fantastic cake made by my mom

Me, little man, & Daddy blowing out candles
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