Muddy Puddles & a Bad Week!

So my computer is on the fritz. I do not know what happened to it. But I am lucky to have a tech support and hubby all rolled into one. He saved all my files and for that I am very thankful!! All my babies photos and scrapbook supplies. That was irreplaceable memories and a lot of $$! He is still in the process of fixing everything. So I am not able to scrap. *sniff sniff* I guess I should just take the break from it all and enjoy it. I literally scrap every day and some days it can be a bit much. I lack the want to do it but push through and do it anyway. So, I guess this is a scrap vaca and maybe I will come back with some rockin' mojo! :)

But while I am waiting on that, I do want to show you a muddy good time. HA! Marshmella Designs has an adorable kit out this week called Muddy Puddles. This kit is full of browns (of course. lol) greens, pinks and.....PIGS! I know there are people out there that ♥ pigs and collect them like I do pandas. This kit is just too cute! So lets get too the oogling of it:

(Image is linked to store)

While you are over at here store make sure you check out the Muddy Puddles Bundle, Muddy Puddles frame cluster, Muddy Puddles quickpages, and the Muddy Puddles add on. and if you just want the alphas there are 5 rocking sets of them:

(Image is linked)

and here is a little preview of this kit with the normal star of the Castings' house hold. Isaiah! or as he has been calling himself: Saier. lol Until next time and hopfully with a fully functioning computer!

♥ La'Shawn

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