One Photo Wednesday

That's what it is... One photo. I was going to do Wordless Wednesday. Where I just post a photo...but lets face it. This is me we are talking about. I can't be "wordless." I have been in the hospital super duper sick, doped up on pain meds, having needles stuck in me all over the place. What am I doing. Talking! My hubby just rolls his eyes. I also do that to him when we are trying to go to sleep..."oh just one more thing." 30 mins later and about 10 more things later too. HA! So, no "wordless" anything for me. Just one photo. I like that idea. No scrappy happy goodness. Just a photo. Of course you know what the #1 photo has to be right..... Isaiah. Of course. :) (You can click the image to go to the store to see where I got that cool border around the photo.) I chose this photo b/c it just screams "Don't Worry, Be Happy, & Smile!" and who doesn't need that mid week?
Until next time,

Happy scrappin'
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