I am surrounded by it! My best friend is due any day & my son asks me for a brother, sister, or a brother AND a sister about twice a week. sigh. Surrounded! lol. But, I do love looking at my son's baby photos. I cannot believe how much he is grown up. He is nearly 4 and a half. That is just baffling to me. That brings me to today's kit. It is a darling collab between Truman Studio and Amy Stoffel. They really rocked it. I hope they collab again in the future. Check out:

Welcome Miracle
by Truman Studio and Amy Stoffel
10 little fingers. 10 little toes. a perfect little nose and a cute little smile. Looking down at the little bundle nestled in your arms you are witnessing the greatest miracle of all...the miracle of life! This vintage style baby collaboration between Truman Studio and Amy Stoffel will help you remember all those wonderful moments of new parenthood! 
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