Wordy Wednesday | Vol. 3

Good morning!! We are going back to 2014, for today's Wordy Wednesday post.

credits: In The Orchard - Collection by Cornelia Designs

Journaling reads:

This was the first time we had been picking apples. We almost didn't go. I nearly let my lazy nature take over and flake. We went though and I truly couldn't be happier. We went with the curch. We all piled into a 15 seat van and drove about 2 hours. Once we got there we had a blast! Picking apples, playing with apple cannon and eating yummy food. 

This was truly one of the highlights of my 2014 Autumn. I missed my hubby being there with me, but the kiddo and I had a blast!! What did you enjoy the most from 2014 Autumn?
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