From the Archives - Vol. 3

Let me tell you how proud I was of this layout.....proud! ha! Why was I proud? Like I said in previous archive posts, I didn't know a thing about shadows. I finally was clued in about it and tried it out on a layout. This was that layout. I would also like to say that it was one of my first creative team layouts I ever made. It was a OKC (One Kit Call); but it was a creative team layout! I was so excited.

I was also pretty dern pround of that title work too! The designer is no longer designing and you cannot find this product in store anywhere. That being said, I feel like I should still let you know what I used. The kit was Quincy by Miranda Scraps.

This layout is made by products I got for free from the designer. I provide layouts for the designers to showcase with their product and use in ads. Getting these products for free do not influence what I publish on Shawn Bear Scraps. All products showcased are products I love and want others to know about. Otherwise I make layouts for ad purposes and you never see it here on the blog! 

That ^^ will on all blog posts that are showcasing products made with free-to-me items. 

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