My Bug

Way back in 2010...that's right...I have been scrapping and blogging that long, I told you about my Bug.

So...I call Isaiah my Bug. :) He calls himself "Mommy's Bug" Or "No Mommy's Bug!" when he is mad at me. :) I am not exactly sure how the Bug nickname came about. I am kinda big about giving people nicknames and such. But Bug fits. After all, my mom has called me Ladybug for as long as I can remember. I think since I have been born. After all, her nickname is also Ladybug. So, he is Mommy's Bug.
He was 2 going on 3 when I wrote that blog post. Here we are nearly 6 years later and I still call Isaiah my Bug. There are limitations set by him though. Only I can call him that. I can only call him that when it is just me and him. I can only call him by this nickname and no other. lol. I abide by his "rules". I don't want to embarrass him...too much. ha!

The reason I wrote the quoted blog post 6 years ago was due to showcasing a bug inspired kit by Bella Gypsy. You can go check it out if you want to see what it looked like and my layout from that. I just loved that kit!

Well guess what! Today I am going to show you a layout made with a bug inspired collection by Bella Gypsy. 6 years later.

Here is the digital scrapbooking supplies I used to make this kit: 

Because I know you want to get a closer look at the kit: 

This layout is made by products I got for free from the designer. I provide layouts for the designers to showcase with their product and use in ads. Getting these products for free do not influence what I publish on Shawn Bear Scraps. All products showcased are products I love and want others to know about. Otherwise I make layouts for ad purposes and you never see it here on the blog! 

That ^^ will on all blog posts that are showcasing products made with free-to-me items. 

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