Go Fish | A Digital Scrapbooking Layout about Fishing

A digital scrapbooking layout by Shawn Bear Scraps about fishing

I am not sure what it is about this photo that I just really love. You cannot even see their faces. I was sitting behind them while they were fishing (the kiddo for the 1st time) and just loved what I saw. A father taking his son fishing. This is kind of the quintessential "father & son" moment, right? 

Jeremy is an amazing father. Did he want to be outside in the blazing heat, surrounded by the bugs that come with the southern heat and being by water...well...no. Fishing is not his thing. He did it though because his son had been asking him for ages to do so.

I think that is why I enjoy this photo so much. I couldn't wait to scrap it. Here is the digital scrapbooking supplies I used:

At The Beach - Templates by Christaly 
What a Catch by Colie's Corner

This layout is made by products I got for free from the designer. I provide layouts for the designers to showcase with their product and use in ads. Getting these products for free do not influence what I publish on Shawn Bear Scraps. All products showcased are products I love and want others to know about. Otherwise I make layouts for ad purposes and you never see it here on the blog! 
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